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About Us
We started in Indianapolis in 1999. Our business mission plan was to offer an elite service that was
more than just transportation. Over the years we have teamed up with several vendors that made that
possible. Offering everything from Fiji Water™, Voss Water™, Pepsi Products™ and Life Savers™. A few
years back we decide to expand by opening offices in Chicago, Boston, Orlando, Miami, New Orleans,
Houston, Dallas, Austin, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. This year we look to expand into 4 additional cities.
We have also built a network of more than a 200 affiliates that we have verified that they offer the same
level of service. Giving us the ability to offer worldwide transportation that includes Europe and Australia.

We didn’t stop there. In 2005 we realized the need for reliable transportation for large corporate events.
We put together a team to travel to these events. Some events like the Indy 500 or Formula 1 races are
in the same locations every year while others like the Super Bowl are in different locations every year.
We can put together a team of drivers at any event for any number of vehicles.
We have been working several events with some of the same companies or induvial for several years now.
Just as an example in 2015 we put together a team of 35 drivers and ground staff for the Formula 1 race in
Austin Texas. All professionally dressed drivers with new model black SUV’s.
Our staff even decaled all of the vehicles for the client with their company logo.
In 2012 through 2017 we managed over 80 pieces of equipment for the Super Bowls each year

All of our drivers are professionally trained and fully aware of privacy. In many cases for
certain individuals we even provide bonds that insure our drivers will never share the events
of their passenger. With social media growing every day we fully understand the need for
privacy. Especially while you are in a vehicle thinking you are alone or just among friends.

In 2010 we took our service even further. We can now book your
hotel, secure event tickets and even charter you a private jet or helicopter. If all you want is
a cheap ride and no concern about the driver or vehicle then there is always a Taxi or an App.
If you want to know your rate and not worry about surge pricing and want to know you are
getting a professional driver and newer model vehicle every time then, give us a chance.


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Your privacy is our upmost importance and we NEVER share your information.

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Contact Information
Indianapolis                                                                                                                                    Chicago            
  PO Box 315                                                            World Wide:                                           180 N Michigan Ave    
  Camby, IN 46113                                                   877-407-5809                                          Chicago, IL 60601         
  317-653-6382                                                                  312-878-3825